About this Website

Hello everyone – My name is Sasquatch Dad, and I am an outdoor enthusiast.  I am a 6’6″, 210 lb dude (see What is a Sasquatch?), and I enjoy pretty much everything outdoors and nature related.  From quick 5 mile bike rides to week-long treks through the forest, there is nowhere I would rather be than out on a trail.  The further I get from civilization, the closer I get to heaven.

Along with being an avid outdoorsman, I am also an unabashedly committed and passionate family man.  Since the day Baby Squatch came into the world, my sole focus has been to become the most engaged and supportive husband/father I can possibly be for the Sasquatch Family.

The purpose of this website is simple –

  • I feel that many of the problems in our country today can be solved simply by getting outside more.  Families are spending ALARMINGLY less time outside than they were even one generation ago.  My hope is that through this website, I can inspire parents to get their kids get off the couch, put away their phones and enjoy the great outdoors!
  • I hope to fill the website with useful content concerning all things outdoors related – especially as they relate to family and kids.




**A note on pronouns – Throughout this blog, you will notice that I often use the pronoun “he” when referring to a single child.  This is only because my Baby Squatch is a he, and it is infinitely easier to do it that way than always typing he/she or LO or DS or whatever goofy crap all the other parent blogs use.  Please mentally substitute whatever pronoun you wish.

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